Why Sphinx?

Timely, Thorough, & Effective Guidance

Best in Class Operations, Accreditations, and Credentialing Assistance

By leveraging their own proven track record of success across all classes of trade within the pharmaceuticals marketplace. Perceivably creating unprecedented growth for its clients and partners through honesty, integrity and the highest standards set forth by pharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs, payors and 340B partnerships.

Their unwaivering group is dedicated to producing double; even triple digit ROIs within their engagements by focusing on the key components that truly differentiate Specialty Pharmacies. From operational excellence, to business development — and everywhere else in between.


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A National, Collaborative, and Diverse team

One perspective is never enough! While the Sphinx’s headquarters is based in Indianapolis, IN, our team is comprised of professionals located throughout the nation, offering diverse expertise, focus, and dedication to our mission. Our staff is geographically dispersed, spanning from California to New York, and our personnel bring a wealth of cultural backgrounds and flexibility to meet the unique needs of our clients across our portfolio of brands.

We’re Hiring

Despite competitors undergoing reductions in force and going belly-up across the nation, our company continues to thrive. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has grown an additional 20% this past quarter! With the launch of our new sub-brands and software solutions, we anticipate that in the last few years of growth are good bell-weathers for the future to come. Find out more about available positions!

TEMPYL Team based out of Minnesota, New York, and Indiana. Find out more about our e-learning and analytics. Contact Director of Strategic Initiatives Ty Yobi and Kelley Norum.

SYLTOS Team based out of Florida, Indiana, and Colorado with a growing need for analysts, data scientists, and developers! Contact us to find out about current opportunities!

Built for the future

Sphinx Strategies is the nation’s fastest-growing and most trusted independent Specialty Pharmacy consulting group. With specialty pharmaceuticals accounting for 50% of the pharmaceutical market in 2020, navigating the specialty pharmacy market has never been more paramount for healthcare leaders.