Utilizing Sphinx’s SPRYNG Network builds immediate value and confidence for pharmaceutical partners.

Independent specialty pharmacies have always been acknowledged for their ability to go above and beyond for their patients and partners. SPRYNG Network-enabled a solution for biopharmaceutical and manufacturers who are looking to partner with independent specialty pharmacies on a local, regional, or national level when they previously were held back due to reach or capabilities.


Whether our partners are looking for an individual specialty pharmacy or multiple specialty pharmacies with unprecedented services, accreditations, limited distribution drug access, and multi-state licenses, SPRYNG Network can fit all organizational needs through our deep network of contracted specialty pharmacies


Depending on how our key organizations are looking to grow, SPRYNG has the capabilities to customize how we dispense, track, and report utilization back to our partners. We partner on the workflow components and SPRYNG Network members will adapt to meet those needs and desires.


SPRYNG Network will receive, track, adjudicate, and deliver on all set requirements from our partners. On a frequent basis, Sphinx will extract all network data KPI’s back to the contracted partner.

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We’re the nation’s most trusted specialty pharmacy network, creating unprecedented growth for network members.

By leveraging their own proven track record of success across all classes of trade within the pharmaceuticals marketplace. Perceivably creating unprecedented growth for its clients and partners through honesty, integrity, and the highest standards set forth by pharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs, payors, and 340B partnerships.

Their unwavering group is dedicated to producing double; even triple-digit ROIs within their engagements by focusing on the key components that truly differentiate Specialty Pharmacies. From operational excellence to business development — and everywhere else in between.

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