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The Sphinx team is pleased to introduce our analytics and informatics division – SYLTOS – a splinter group of the Sphinx team focused on generating disruptive technologies and developing informatics verticals for our pharmacies, infusion centers, hospitals and provider’s offices.


SYLTOS combines proprietarily-developed compliance tools and advanced analytics frameworks deployed nationally over the last 10 years and brings them to your doorstep. Leverage our insights and build the custom software your operation always needed – or plug-and-play with one of SAAS solutions that have been built to handle centers of excellence across all states and classes of trade. Our team understands how to handle your informatics and ensure that the heavy data is translated into actionable and effective targets for your team.

The first of these innovations of 2020 is our new comprehensive AND collaborative virtual compliance manager and one-stop audit sentinel – Accreditguard™. Find out more below.

Software Platforms

Time-savings and automated Compliance Solutions and Software for maintaining active licensing and not falling behind on your compliance tasks. Through our proprietary AccreditGuard™ and SYLTOS™ Software, we attack Compliance Management, Training/Credentialing, and License Management for you remotely.

Sphinx Data Solutions

Capitalize on your strengths and extract custom KPI’s by partnering with the SYLTOS team to deploy new innovations, fiscal tools, and informatics solutions for driving double and triple digit ROI’s on deployed solutions. We integrate with our client(s) servers for real-time analytics, Monte-Carlo valuations for risk-modeling in real-time, and build the right roadmap for the future!

Protect yourself and Limit Risk

  • Protect yourself and Limit Risk from lost and loose compliance documentation during audits and surprise board visits by staying organized, up-to-date, and with a virtual team of industry experts monitoring your progress with each document. Join up and get your dedicated account manager that proofs, organizes, and drives your customized compliance tool as a virtual solution. Virtual storage, completion, and management of all your main compliance tasks
  • Pilot your idea and prove your concept – incubate your idea with a team of experts at your disposal! SYLTOS and Sphinx are located in Boulder, CO, a hotbed of innovation and collaborative entrepreneurial activity in technology and informatics. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has inhibited much of the traditional incubator model, we seek to continue launching products and innovations with a growing team of innovative developers.
  • Request to partner! If your idea meets our criteria for support and development, we will happily partner to incubate and support your growing venture! We have supported over 150+ start-up environments and entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate their vision – we aim for SYLTOS to be an innovation and informatics leader in the space of introducing disruptive technologies across the healthcare continuum. Our focus for the next 2020-2021 push will be for partnerships and innovations that target clinical trials, expansions, and innovations.

Virtual Compliance Sentinel Software - AccreditGuard™

Our Accreditguard™ software tackles the compliance problem with 3 main facets:

  • Saves Money! Brings the consultant to your fingertips to proof your entire compliance archive
  • Save Time! Automate your license and permit renewal and verification, training compliance, and accreditation task management!
  • Minimizes risk! Save millions in simple audit compliance tactics! Complete compliance verification built-in from any third party auditor regarding paramount compliance documentation from staff, vendors, and expanding state and federal boards that require documentation of verification!
  • Dedicated Virtual Consultant to proof document archives and guidance
  • Automated License Verification
  • Automated Policy Renewal and Approval
  • Task Management focus spanning Corporate to Clinical Document Review & Logging
  • Comprehensive Training for all of your compliance needs!
    • HIPAA
    • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
    • Emergency Management
    • Hazardous Training
    • Infection Control and Med
  • Safety Data Sheet Management and Live Access
  • Saves time from primary source verifications
  • Saves time by mapping and logging all of the relevant RPH compliance resources under one roof
  • Saves money from having a compliance officer and office manager
  • Saves time, minimizes risk and expedites auditor’s visits
  • Dedicated Account Manager / Site Consultant to approve and scrub your documents before archive / logging

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